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All About Chocolate Cake


What makes a great chocolate cake, how do the best chefs in the world make the perfect cake? It’s a mixture of savory and sweet, and we explore it here.


In its early days, chocolate was a gritty, oily paste and was primarily a handmade product. It was expensive to produce and normally only consumed by the wealthy in beverage form. With the advent of machinery during the industrial age, chocolate became a mass-produced product. At last most people could afford it at least occasionally.


In the 1800’s other ingredients such as salts and milk were added to chocolate. These new ingredients resulted in improved taste and increased the popularity of chocolate. The machinery also allowed chocolate makers to produce a smoother, creamier product and led to the introduction of the candy bar. The cocoa press, invented in 1828 squeezed out cocoa butter leaving cocoa powder.


New ingredients and technology soon opened up avenues for chocolate use in recipes. It soon became a popular ingredient in several sweet snacks – not the least of which is the much-loved chocolate cake!

There are several versions of chocolate cakes with as many different titles, including decadent chocolate, German chocolate, chocolate cheese cake, chocolate lava cake, chocolate pound cake, just to name a few. While the basic ingredients of flour, sugar, eggs, shortening, vanilla, chocolate, baking soda and milk are usually found in most of the recipes, many top chefs include their own “secret” ingredients, adjust the amounts of the ingredients, or use specific types of chocolate. Many even proudly proclaim their chocolate cake to be the perfect chocolate cake! Who is telling the truth?


Well, it depends upon who you ask!


Regardless of which chocolate cakes you determine to be your personal favorites, you are sure to have great fun trying and testing different prepared cakes or venturing out and developing your own special recipes. Do like top chefs do and add special ingredients in the mix, or in the frosting or as part of the garnish. Some proven ingredients include puddings, whipped cream, sour cream, cream cheese, nuts, fruits, coconut, or pieces of candies whether it be peppermints or peanut butter cups, M&Ms or toffee chips. It’s hard to go wrong when the end result is any type chocolate cake!