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Chocolate Wedding Cakes


Can the traditional wedding cake be brought into the modern era? Wedding cakes as well as all festival cakes date back thousands of years, and were a show of respect and abundance from a family to fellow towns people. A grand cake was often presented at a festival in honor of a fallen hero, or in honor of an ancestor. These ceremonial cakes would be the center piece of a big extravaganza that would include music, dancing, and other forms of merry making.


In Victorian times, the wedding cake that became traditional in the English-inspired world was the white cake. The white cake and white frosting represented the purity of the bride, and took on social and even religious context. It would have been unheard of to have a chocolate cake for a wedding, in fact such a suggestion would be an insult not just to the bride, but to the bride’s mother – who traditionally would select the cake.


Boy, how times have changed.


In fact, chocolate wedding cakes have become almost as common as the traditional white wedding cake. In fact, some local bakeries in New York have even seen chocolate wedding cakes surpass the traditional white cake. “Many of our customers simply find the white cake to be a bit boring, they will often have us design a chocolate cake, with a white-chocolate frosting. I guess this is a compromise with tradition, but gives guests a cake that they will actually enjoy eating.” says George Rossi, owner of the French Torani Bakery in Manhattan.

So, whether you are a strict traditionalist, or are looking for a wedding cake that puts taste first – Chocolate Wedding Cakes are no longer taboo.